O2R96 Record and mix at sample rates to 96K.

Entire studio clocked to Appogee's premier digital clock "Big Ben".

DynAudio Monitors, Blue Sky monitors w/ sub,

Hear back monitoring system (individual player controlled monitor mixes)


Digital Audio Workstation

Mac Pro (Black) 8 core computer with Digital Performer 9, Logic 10, Protools 11.  Plug-ins include Waves Platinum bundle, Altiverb, iZotope, Lexicon, Eventide

2 UAD- 10 cores including a large selection of  UA plugins.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trillian  and Stylus RMX,

many other virtual synth modules for acoustic/electric pianos and organs.

Apogee Symphony I/O with digital and analog inputs - sample rates up to 192


External Sound Generators

Sample libraries include East West orchestra, Vienna Chamber and Orch Strings,



Avalon 2022 dual Mic Pre

Universal Audio 4110 (4 channels)

7110  Mic Pres (4 channels)

Avalon M5 Mic Pre

Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Mic Pre

AEA Ribbon Pre, REPQ (4 channels)

Earthworks Lab 102 Mic Pre

Pacifica P-1 mic Pre

SSL 500 series EQ (2 Channels)

Avalon 747 sp EQ and Compressor

Grace Audio compressor 

Various Lexicon, Roland, Delays and Reverbs



AT 5040 quad capsule condensor (near zero noise large diaphragm condenser)

Royer 121 ribbon

AKG Solid Tube

Beyer M500 ribbon

ADK Tube Transducer(TT), A48, A-51tc Tube (2) A-51tl Fet (2), Hamburg (2)

AT 4033 (2) AT 25

SM 57, 58 (3)

Blue encore 100 (2), encore 200 (4)

Audix D2 (2), D4

Cascade Ribbons: Vinjet w/ Luhndal (2) Fathead2 (2) Cascade DR2 w/ Luhndal (2)

Earthworks QTC 40 Omni (2) TC 30 Omni (2), SR 77 (2), SR 20

AKG P170 small caps, Avatone CK1 small caps



Yamaha C7 Accoustic Disklavier Grand piano, Yamaha S90es, Roland VK7 (B3 keyboard).